"See You In The Funny Pages"
SL-046 12" LP


"drummer sister" from SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAGES

"sommer babies" from SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAGES

Following their long-awaited studio debut You Win Some, You Loser (Sophomore Lounge, 2010), Chicago's favorite skateshop pop quartet Animal City is back on wax with their follow-up full-length, See You In The Funny Pages.

Though two and a half years without a proper record might seem like a healthy hunk of downtime, don't let the calendar fool you. The boys have been busy. Since first forming their creative kinship nearly 7 years ago, key songwriters Sal Cassato and Dakota Loesch have knocked out a dozen-or-so collections of lo-fi, homegrown, harmonious rock jams ranging in style from stoner/loner acoustic wayfaring to full-on, funked-up and jazzed-out anthems, not to mention an impressively prolific and ever-growing catalog of videos, visuals, and performative/site-specific installations to date.

While You Win Some brought them out of the bedroom and into the attic (where they recorded the album on the top floor of a Pilsen apartment), Funny Pages takes them out of the city and into the lakehouse - a family-owned cabin in South Haven, MI where the album was both blurrily conceptualized and ambitiously executed over the course of an extended visit.

"We had done the last recording in one quick swoop. I think three days of hammering out heavily rehearsed tunes, so that first record came out sounding tight and fast and abrupt. Brief.

For the new record, we wanted to take our time and just kind of casually mess around...stir up our own songs, make it up out of nowhere, and chop at it all from multiple angles. We plunked around with an electronic keyboard and its built-in beats. We recorded half an hour of beach noise. We snuck in the sounds of wishbones breaking from the chickens we had stewed for dinner."

With the short-film release of a backyard piano performance appropriately titled Jacuz EP (there's a hottub) on deck, and a third LP already well underway, See You In The Funny Pages is just another step in the stumbling legacy of Animal City.

Limited first-edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.