"Die Forever"
SL-044 12"

"Inhuman Nature" from DIE FOREVER LP

"Sleep Hall" from DIE FOREVER LP

Warmer Milks founder Ma Turner and visual artist R Clint Colburn formed CROSS in summer 2008 as a means for friends to express themselves both live and on tape through a total freedom of rock 'n' roll improvisation. Amidst a series of defining moments and wild/nomadic lifestyle choices, Turner & Colburn hit the road two weeks into being a band, going on a nationwide tour (with Asthmatic Kitty recording artist Castanets) where the skeletons for "Die Forever" initially came to life. Upon returning home (Lexington, KY), they added Case Mahan (Street Gnar, Jovontaes) on drums, and soon after, Jamie Adkins (Rat King, Tiny Fights, Idiot Glee) on bass, giving CROSS a proper rhythm section and a deeper understanding of their mission.

In 2010, Mahan exited the band to focus on his solo moniker Street Gnar, and Jason Schuler (Cadaver In Drag) moved in on drums. The new CROSS formation further polished their sound (a range of subtly psychedelic styles, frantically varying from southern rock to death rock to glam, goth, and beyond), continued touring, and in the winter of 2011, recorded with Pete Townsend (Bonnie "Prince" Billy, King Kong) and Sean Sullivan (John Prine, Jack 'Cowboy' Clement, Dave Ferguson, Black Keys - engineer) at John Prine's Butcher Shoppe Studio in Nashville, TN. Now playing shows with Paul Eldred (The Butchers, 30th Century Men) on drums, CROSS continue to solidify their vision and are tighter and more focused than ever.

Their upcoming full-length studio debut "Die Forever" (following a self-titled/self-released double-cassette live album) will be available on vinyl this September from Louisville, Kentucky's Sophomore Lounge label. First edition of 500, with artwork by Lexington's own Robert Beatty (of Hair Police/Three Legged Race: