Bump Head Go Home
SL073 LP

"renting tentative" from BUMP HEAD GO HOME

"friend in florida" from BUMP HEAD GO HOME

"Bump Head Go Home," the third official full-length LP from Chicago's long running rhythm-and-booze band Animal City, is their strongest collection of recordings to date. Trading the lakehouse electronic tricks of 2013's "See You In The Funny Pages," their latest effort captures the quartet in their most raw and honest form -- outfitted for full-on rock modes, jazzed up and peaking out pawn shop amps with only peripheral nods toward the Thin Lizzy, Magic Sam, Joe Walsh, and Wilco posters on the practice space walls.

They're a true gem of the genre -- their camcorder shorts turned classic stoner pop visions evolving restlessly with each passing project, pig-roast after pig-roast, year after year -- and while the marble-clad, carpeted offices of "Indie Rock" may not necessarily deserve a band like Animal City in 2015, it is our belief, in our hearts, that you do.

Coming October 2, 2015 on Sophomore Lounge.