"Preach Under Cooked"
b/w "Mellow Moon"
SL-055 7" Single

Mellow Moon

PC Worship are a difficult bunch to categorize. From release to release (via varied labels like Night-People, Evil Weevil, New Images Ltd., and their very own KREEPHAUS imprint) the band skates between summoning a somewhat lazier "Bad Moon Rising"-era industrial mushroom grunge to sounding like the earlier Smog stuff (had it been recorded in a haunted meat locker), chooglinÕ toward full-on, free-form, sax-soured mutant folk laced with moans of Americana nightmare language and occasional flashes of Ayler-like enlightenment.

"Preach Under Cooked," the A-side of the 7" at hand, keeps us further guessing with a recording of unaccompanied acoustic guitar, wandering (in rare yet welcomed form) Fahey-ward with an Orcutt-damaged compass, paired with a B-side of "classic" (if not without letting their Dead flag fly a littler higher than usual) PC slacker punk.

All the while, it should be noted that this group is quite possibly one of if not the best contemporary psych bands in America. And we don't mean that in the Black Angels/Dead Meadow/Warlocks sense of the word. Things change, and while perhaps those acts may attempt to sound more similar to VU in '68, few bandsÕ collected works and live performances truly embody such a sincere and organic sense of tunnel-eyed, art-diseased, communal-apartment pacing exploration as the unfiltered ingestion blues of PC Worship.

Spearheaded by the songwriting, composition, and overall guidance of Virginia Beach-native Justin Frye, PC Worship are a collective group of musicians (residentially and creatively related to The Dreebs, Ashcan Orchestra, Jazz Messagers, etc.) living in New York City, skirting in and out of musical generalization by focusing/un-focusing their energy on aesthetic contrast, improvisation, and varied forms of song.

"Preach Under Cooked" b/w "Mellow Moon" is a limited-edition first pressing of 300 copies on black w/ hand-printed silkscreen jackets.