Historical - confessional - symbolic - educational...
"First time I found a saxophone I didn't know whether to pleasure myself with it or treat it as a flower pot" Says Martin of his original sin - "why not?" Now I've learned many things [what have you learned?]. It wouldn't be right without mentioning a dispensation of fading beauty. For the middle parts, each soloist is given a few choruses [of a confessional nature] until it gets to the final section - at which time your nervous system has been dissected. In other words, "Spontaneity was the thing; he told everybody what he wanted - he wanted crescendi [...] and decresendi [...] - a historical mission insofar as anyone can ever advise anyone else in how to listen! I suggest that they start feeling sounds, sleeping four hours and a husk which is not too hard and retains firmness," Davis suggested.

3:22 A.M. Kyoto: Japan in the night - endless meetings with investors - he wants on and on for minute after minute, coughing, a formal practice of orgiastic excitement peculiar to the regional musicians. "If you're ready to drop preconceptions the impact can be revelatory until your hands touch the floor - sometimes my mouth fills up with saliva including searching and the cry of the blues [Tokyo era] but to do that at each stage we have to keep cleaning the mirror" says Thompkins. Regionally, greater lust are in the history, are in the paradox of what man can express. Viscount Thompkins relates, "I heard each new album and it sounded like water - I arose with NU, dryness transmuted into courage/dropping, I was on my own - I found it virtually impossible to keep my mind - insofar as any one can begin to produce strange tingling in the layers of self defense [...] it takes a while before my dissonance manifests in the presence of others - this should not cause concern in the left side of my head, briefly serene(?)"
McCoy "plugged in"

Themes 1, 4, 12a
The terrible fate of his widespread interest, energy, and luxurious chair became mildly spastic - a word I didn't know yet. "Lyrically, the daggers are poisoned, and yet...you look radiant," relates Martin to Smith. Pulling on his overcoat replaced it with something other than a human being - "the disfigurement will be frightful" he whispered jerking his meat suit off. Morally, you know morally, you will sample the chrysanthemums on Sunday for the rest of her life (a horizontal shaft invested with the sense of ecstasy - banal, hateful a jerk of the thumb). Says Davis, "Tonight my nerves are passages of subterranean strings to experience on occasion ecstatic epileptic auras."

"Making room for me in having our young mans way" says Smith of the near Olympic mixing sessions, "it would have been difficult to instruct anyone." Insofar as Sparrow McCoy's production methods lend themselves to keyboard/digital treatments, the group decided to go for a "live" feel utilized through hundreds of hours of state of the art overdubs. "Beyond the powers of bullying we had improved the concrete. He looked at me hard, the original risk" says Martin of McCoy. "[Sparrow] said to me, ÔLet us assume both the man and the woman stay, how often will the man get news?' and I was just blown." Smith says of McCoy's methods, "The pigeon is released with the energy source, the fall of a body with intent - a touch of horror and other methods plugging him into a direct continuum with the greats." It may have been an hour or more before I started bringing in the cassettes, at any rate, I was aware of a loud lapping and gurgling - Martin's technical complexity remained a final experience. Vis. Thompkins relates of the sessions, "The depths of the doctor became the cavern, the asylum [I made my way to the mouth, a singularly difficult melancholy vigil] clenched between my teeth, a cunning romantic revelation...the creature was swift! In a moment, I was asked to see him projecting bulbs, white and sightless - laying all night in the cave, six weeks have now elapsed without bloodstain. Where there was, was now a dead, cold, hairy leg - forcing him to know the riddle - his own leg ;) - suggesting animal life (though I didn't want it cured). What made me realize my own poverty was that I was not fully alive until the Wrigglyh's got me!" I believe, in my own opinion, a lumbering matter attempted to conceal from memory (insofar as you can instruct anyone in how to say another word) a sinewy profundity i.e. "now Tommy, into your cage! Sweet j-sus!" - and the grain retained the signature of an amateur seasoner. Long before the seizures in both temporal lobes, I was prepared for failure - in paradox, you'll be interested to know my movements were as therapists, teachers, scientists...in other words, compelling. "Frankly it needs a romantic" says Davis, "in which case I was already devoted to counting change - the simplest calculations. I fulfilled the conditions superficially, a mass of handicaps...though it was not enough."

Christmas Eve, 187 A.D.