Bryan Clopton used to kick churches in Colorado Springs. Having had enough of that, he moved to Chicago to start a hardcore band. In January of '06, he jammed with Jon Kaplan and the first of what would be later become Slow Horse's earliest material was written.

The line-up was originally rounded out with Dan Dwyer on bass and this guy Dre singing. This would not last long, however. Dakota Loesch was recruited to play bass and Mark Ober took over vocal responsibilities.

Slow Horse played their first show in March of '06 to a group of high school kids somewhere in the northwest Chicago suburbs.

Not long afterward, Dakota left Slow Horse to focus on his other band, Animal City. John Paul Glover stepped in and the line-up has stayed the same since.

Slow Horse has recorded a 3 song EP demo and a 4 song EP demo, neither of which saw proper release. In March of '08, Slow Horse recorded a 5 song EP, known quite simply as Rusher. Sophomore Lounge released Rusher in July '08 to little or no acclaim. A brief tour of the East Coast followed.

In March of '09, Slow Horse recorded 8 songs over the course of a week in Louisville, KY. The album was engineered by Chris Owens of the band Lords.

Presently, Slow Horse is looking for a label to release the record, tentatively titled American Pop. A late fall tour is planned in support of American Pop with plans to play regionally in the meantime.