The Euchre Hoosier Massacre. CS. No Label, 2001.

Concentrate on Distraction. CS. Black Velvet Fuckere Recordings, 2002.

Wedding Pyre. 3" CD. Black Velvet Fuckere Recordings, 2003.

Live @ Free 103. Split with The SB. CD. free103point9, 2004.

[----]. CS. Tour Release. 2005.

An Ox. CD-R. Tour Release, 2005.

Tongue-Tied and Staid. 7". Black Velvet Fuckere Recordings, 2006.

Mortise and Tenon. LP/CD. Siltbreeze Records, 2007.

Urn Thy Keep / Urn Burial. 7". Egyptian Okra, 2008.

Tacker Maple / Fiscal Caliph. 7" Egyptian Okra, 2009.

An Ear for Tony Poe. 2 X 10" Lathe. Electric Pabulum, 2009.

Capitan Alfred Matthew Hubbard vs Capitan Francis Gary Powers (Kentucky Civil War). CS. Thrift Store Distribution (HWY 55), 2010.

Dull, Duller, Dulles. CS. Sullivan and Cromwell Tribute. Thrift Store Distribution (HWY 64), 2010.

The Dangers of Being Ernest (Modern Folk Music). CS. Thrift Store Distribtion (HWY 1), 2010.

Aborted Plan for the Public Execution of Michael Jordan. (Geffen Records Demo) Rejected, 2011.

L&N / Payne Hollow Stomp. 7". Hank the Herald Angel, 2013.

A Posthuman Guide to the Advent Calendar Origins of the Peep Show. LP. Sophomore Lounge, 2014.

DrugDriving Volume 1. LP. Forthcoming, 2015.

Temporary Erogenous Zones. LP/CD. Soundtrack to the forthcoming Randy Metzger-Tyler Perry collaboration inspired by Hakim Bey, 2015.



Valley of the Ashes. Valley Of The Ashes. CD. Spirit of Or SOR 042, 2004.

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