"Raven Town Witch"

"Hard Apple Moon"

"Down On The Streets"

Phantom Family Halo was formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 2006 by multi-instrumentalist Dominic Cipolla (former full-time member of "Mortise and Tenon"-era Sapat). Having initially enlisted the help of friend and guitarist Michael McMahan, among others, the band has since been a rotating cast of contributors with an ever-changing size and shape.

"Raven Town Witch" is their 5th full-length release. It was recorded in Kevin Ratterman's funeral home (Louisville, KY) following past releases on BlackVelvetFuckere, Sophomore Lounge, Karate Body, and Knitting Factory (in addition to "The Mindeater," a collaborative EP performed and recorded with Bonnie "Prince" Billy).

After relocating to Queens, NY in 2010, Cipolla joined forces with David Lackner (student and disciple of Lamont Young) and Ben Lord (ex-Sharon Van Etten band) with whom he performs to this day.

Over the years, they've toured with the likes of Slint, Acid Mothers Temple, Lydia Lunch, and Bonnie "Price" Billy, as well as opened for Hawkwind, Black Mountain, Mudhoney, The Entrance Band, The Cult, Dead Meadow, and many others.

Phantom Family Halo's recently recorded collaborations with Lydia Lunch and Kawabata Makoto (respectively) are as-of-yet unreleased.

"I'm right blown away by the catchy and compelling all-purpose psychedelia of power trio The Phantom Family Halo. I say 'all purpose' because this stuff is useful and should be available by the vat on prescription, because its good for the mental health. I say power trio, but this lot are greedy motherfuckers with a hefty set of auxiliary members. The sound is totally reminiscent of that 1970 period when no fucker could control the number of overdubs, and these guys pass through every stage from The Youngbloods and Kalackakra to a kind of Amon Duul PARADIESWARTS DUUL-informed take on David Voorhaus' White Noise project via early (very early) Chrome." - Julian Cope (from "The Legend of Black Six" review, Head Heritage)

"Don't think TV SCREEN makes a good mantra? Well, it does with PFH. They've taken ritualism, repetition, and gutted it. Only the form is left - run through a multi-decade, retro-futurist express-compactor, of course. What else do you need? You get the feeling their "Raven Town Witch" is trippin' on the same cultural detritus we all are - "havin a ball, havin a ball" she "has it all." If there's any doubt where they're coming from; from the closing track: "Have No Religion, It's Just The Air We Breathe." - Martin Bisi

"Phantom Family Halo's "Raven Town Witch" is a slinky and sinister Southern Gothic brew evoking early glam, psychedelia ala Krautrockers Brainticket, hand claps reminiscent of '60's girl groups, Roxy Music's "In Every Dream Home a Heartache," and yet somehow manages to remain unpredictably timeless. The perfect record for the party after the after party or a raucous late night ritual in celebration of your inner witch." - Lydia Lunch