"(peace sign / frown face)"
SL-042 12" LP


Glue Green Glitter

The symbol formerly known as "peace." Giving Up went to Iowa to record this under the guise of just hanging out, goofing off, playing Mario 3, and watching The O.C. This was in hopes of releasing the record in the timeliest fashion. This was like three years ago. 9 songs. 45 minutes. Girl and boy vocals. Guitars, drums, wind organ. Kind of charming. Kind of rough around the edges. Pop. Punk. Folk. Post-pop-punk. Rock-n-roll. Songs are kind of uplifting. Lyrics are pretty good. About boy-girl stuff. About political stuff. About being bummed. About being stoked. About catharsis. About saying fuck you in the nicest way possible. Limited to 300 copies on baby blue vinyl. Comes wih multiple inserts and MP3 download.