MEAH! / Phantom Family Halo
(Split) 7"

With influences ranging from the U.S Maple school of off-kilter, jangly jazz riffs to campfire folk, funk, and everything in between, Meah! fleetingly shriek, sigh, and splash their way through two new tracks of poolside spazz pop. Joining them on the other side of the fence are friendly (if not a little Burbs-like) neighbors Phantom Family Halo. From the ashes of The For Carnation and current contributors to Siltbreeze psych-folkers Sapat, Louisville's Dom Cipolla & Co. conjure up a subtly dark cover the Red Crayola classic "Hurricane Figher Plane." Translucent ice-blue wax, complete with hand-screened liners and photo insert. Limited to 500 copies.