Unearthed! MEAH! &asymp LUV! is a document of the classic and now forgone poppyish power trio set up. A concept album through and through, MEAH! &asymp LUV! tells a tale of simpler times; times when a bald eagle, a pug dog, and a cartoon bear roamed this earth looking for something sweet and sticky. They laugh, cry, love, kill, and fuck their way through this tale of madness and joy. MEAH! &asymp LUV! is a quintessential and required release as it has your favorite sing-along-thrash-along-weep-drink-along MEAH! tunes.
Recorded in lush "OBLIVIAURAL SOUND" in a desolate snowed in cabin, with narration from Animal City's Sal Cassato, Art from Baltimore's best: Eli Walker, and guest appearances from members of Geffika and Putting Out MEAH &asymp LUV! is chockablock choice. Recorded and Engineered by MEAH!, mixed by MEAH! and Graham Everhart, Mastered by Paul Oldham.