MH002 DL

"Smoke Weed"

"James Cameron"

"Clean Dreams"

Hey Ya'll. Sorry it's been a while since I wrote or called. It don't mean I ain't thinking about you. Sorry to all ya'll we ain't seen in a while, we miss ya'll and we meant to get out there. Anyways, Happy Holidays and in the spirit of all that; here ya go. This record is a present for you. From me and the boys. I hope you get some little enjoyment out of it. I know we all had fun making it. And we had fun at all those shows. Thanks for coming all these years. Thanks for being there cuz without cha we wouldn'ta done this here thing. It might be a while before another one of these things comes out. So hopefully this will tide ya over until then. Miss you lots, love you tons, and thinking bout you dearly. AND THANK YOU! PEACE! :)