Guitarist/co-founder of CROSS and Salad Influence as well as founder of Warmer Milks, MA TURNER has also played with the likes of CASTANETS, WRETCHED WORST, HUMAN BELL and SPEED TO ROAM. MA will be playing material from his upcoming “ZOZ” LP (Sophomore Lounge) as well as his recent “Blossoming Occult Creation (Half-Gifts) and “Nessy Peen” (Loin Seepage) cassettes throughout the United States spring and summer, 2014. Recent sets have showcased TURNER minimally utilizing a combination of voice, electric guitar, banjo, synthesizer and pre recorded sound in a chaotic fluster . MA TURNER has been making sound and visual art under assorted guises since the early 1980’s. “ZOZ” is his first full length vinyl release.