"Make Mine Tuesday" LP

"Shroud and Shell"

"Mauve Talk"

RICK RUDE -- a four-membered creature whose four-string guitar, tattered robe, and sand-filled shoes, surrounded by a haze of sweet smoke and empty beer cans, thrashes about with a charismatic enthusiasm matched only by its lethargic demeanor, speaking fluently in the cryptic languages of dream, love, and ennui. It inhabits a dark cave on the New Hampshire mountainside, carefully furnished with dismantled electronics, books on meditation, and warped records of Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, and Cheap Trick. A nocturnal creature, Rick Rude feasts on mystical fungi, boredom, mushy guitar riffs, and the delicacy of the human soul.

"I hear hints of a lot of great guitar bands throughout these songs, but at the end of the day, Rick Rude have a sound that is all their own. It's a sound that's playful, but not sloppy. It's a sound that is heartfelt, not contrived. There's nothing heavy-handed or overdone here. What comes through, instead, is genuine emotion and strong songwriting. There's an unmistakable warmth and magnetism in their playing." - Post-Trash

"Make Mine Tuesday" is their second record (first 12"), released in January 2017 by Western MA's Tiny Radars with the help and love of Louisville, KY's Sophomore Lounge.