Life Partner is Friendz


Here's the first demo release from Life Partner. Four real headbangerly songs recorded to tape. I heard this for the first time with Law & Order on mute. It was good and everything. But then I got a little drowsy-eyed and went to bed. This bed is an air-mattress on loan, in the basement of the house where the dude who invented "PAPA JOHNS PIZZA" lived when he was getting the franchise off the ground. I have been thinking of anything besides hearing these songs that produced the next chain of events, but really Life Partner had to have been it. Ok. So I'm not kidding. I went to bed and had the most fucked up dreams I have ever had. Like you know how your brain works and shit after a few 20 some years on the planet. And this shit did not come from my brain. It came from... who the fuck knows where. So I'm in some like Hook-style tree fort, surrounded by all these long-haired, fat bullies that kind of remind me of the guitar players from Jay Reatard and they have these homemade guitars that are like half real guitars/half guitars that are like the power glove from the original Nintendo. And they start breaking them over my head and beating the shit out of me and then they lock me up in the next room with captives from the bully village. Like really shitty bullies that had to shave their hair off. So the one that I'm handcuffed to the wall next to starts making me smell his socks and it's the shittiest thing ever and I start squirming and I am like losing my shit in my dream so I wake myself up. I stare into the dark corner of the room that I was facing when I dozed off. And I am not fucking kidding you. A white light with like a purple glow just radiating from the darkness. Then something grabs me and drags me out of the bed towards it and I'm screaming and cussing and pleading for them to stop. Then I open my eyes and I'm looking into the same corner of the room. And I seriously start questioning not believing in like, you know, not being totally gone when you die and shit. And then I feel people sitting down on the bed all night long. Just losing my shit. You should download this shit and let me know if the same thing happens to you. These songs are like four prayers to the pocket of ghosts in the dark lord's subconscious that are like those caricatures of meat-head grease monkey dudes who Anthony Kiedis and Flea play in that movie "The Chase."