"Pull Me Back To Hell"
SL-057 7" Single

Evil Windows

Jaye Jayle wasn't a plan. Jaye Jayle was a desert dream, based solely around the immediate limitations of one man's surroundings -- an old beat-up parlor guitar that can barely hold a tune, a beautifully inspiring woman attending graduate school, and a sincere songwriting obsession. Jaye Jayle is Evan Patterson (of Young Widows, backed by a rotating cast of Sapat and Old Baby alum), chewing into the fruits of droning minimal blues, boogie rock rhythms, cloudy synthetic atmospheres, live improvisation, and simple story telling.

This 45 single contains two selections from "It's Jayle Time," an eleven-song set written entirely in Santa Fe, NM. Recorded in Louisville, KY by Warren Christopher Gray (Sapat, Softcheque).

The Jaylebyrds are: J. G. Wood, Matt Fox, Lowe Sutherland, Sean Johnson, Neal Argabright, Kevin Molloy, Kaelah McMonigle, Jim Marlowe, and Dane Waters.

Limited first-edition pressing of 300 copies on black.

A. Pull Me Back to Hell (3:54)
B. Evil Windows (2:42)