Have I Demon
SL067 LP

"Dark Cloud"

"I Have Demon"

Life Partner is wrestling with life. With the very breath, heart, activity and ideas of the mortal shrug and drag. He grapples with the curse of boredoms, the battle of shoehorned elements, dwelling in observations of the mundane, the laxation of the psyche. Life Partner attempts to deal with the cutlets branded from this shared twenty-first century butcher shop, broadswording through fears, loneliness, depression, ageing, detachment and the chasm that can cave-in with the loss of enthusiasm for the shattered day-to-day.

These are chapter tunes that are spit through tight noisy chops and chunky fists of riffs. Aaron Ozzy screams and mumbles and sighs, leering downward at the decline of the situation, the silliness of the keywords, barking at the horses working in cattle drives while on Xanax, high and scared. Have I Demon paddles and uproots between heavy and rough rock that can twist and weed into catchy melodies that cry and laugh and crawl out from within the encompassing explosive turbulence that Ozzy and crew concoct. Feedback next to shredded jangle and thick discords, falling into the cradle after too many whippets, letting the swell of existence rejuvenate in a warm soil of sound.

Allusions to tediums are bashed here. Complaints are stashed with a ballistic distortion dusting and deceitless lyrics that drop the elbow off the top rope to scrutinize and saute while smashing and kicking. Some people don't give a good goddamn. Some people don't have a buck. Some don't hold a word to nothing. Some people figure there's some gods, even if they don't like 'em. And some people have demons they need to yell about. This record is mostly all of these things, but this record is definitely about those demons.