split 12"


"Get U Back"

In the first winter of 2008, Jeoff Thais and Gessica Calvanico decided that a collaborative bond should be established between them, and Geffika was adopted to describe the material output of the space between their bodies. Legitimized and humming for almost three years, this space has proved to be alternatively industrious and languid, pushing out slow, deep pools of noise at an unhurried pace. Devoted but not chained to reduction, stoicism, and proper etiquette, the two bring their babysitters, landlords, legs, seductive dances, Slees, and dietary restrictions to life on the guitar/drum/beep/whine. The two songs on the split with Boston titans Skimask were recorded by Ellis Anderson in their practice zone in 2010.

Skimask consists of three gentlemen who met a cafe in the fall of 2009, became friends, and began playing music together shortly thereafter. Those three gentlemen, in specific, are "Z" on the drums, "A" on the mouth-bass (no guitars, no strings, just microphones and machines), and lastly, large and in charge, the ceremonial master, the Profit Muhammed. "This is the "A". This is the "Z". They create everything in between. I am the Profit (dot that "i" with a dollar sign) Muhammed." The Profit is also the diplomat (if not the king) of the increasingly impressive Boston underground, home to (fellow-Sophomores) Fat History Month, Pile, Gorilla Toss, Arvid Noe, and Kal Marks, just to name a few, and host to similarly-minded mutants from all around this weird, wild country, who have shared a beer-soaked basement with the one and only Skimask, and lived to tell the story.

This split 12" LP (assuming an EP-per-side equals an LP) is the first vinyl offering for both bands, limited to only 200 copies on black with hand-numbered/silk-screened jackets.