"Fear Of Suffering"
SL040 7"

"False Crypt"

Louisville band, Louisville label; debut single. Kentucky's rejoinder to the MX-80 Messthetical Sound. Cold-Cerberus suzuki's the Pilate(s)-Paunch, breathing fleshy light into familiar famials: Andrew Cyrille builds an aerial-drone of The Fall, Derek Bailey brushes the congressional hat of the Killed By Death Squad, Wisconsin-Churchill-Drunker-Than-900-Dollars tanks a German amphetamine bunker. When we "post-rock", we circumnavigate the circumcised blanched-branch dressing of the shoe-gazer, and instead protend the protuberant tumescence of the non-paint-by-numbers approach to punk-rock-koans, a la the SST grass-mafia, and then we arrive at one of many trunk doors of Tropical Trash perception. Some of these skinny young men also dig glorious ditches in the Sapat hermit-kingdom labor camps. Sheaved in a sprastic-Pettibone inspired screen print.

Limited first-edition of 200 on white wax.

-Kapp Klaptain Molasses