"Unoriginals" CS


Louisville's finest maverick noise punk troupe Tropical Trash have a filthy tape of 'Unoriginals' out this week, mutating a couple of repetitive early minimal NY classics into swampy knuckle-dragging chug-a-thons.

On side A they tackle Terry Riley's 'In C', which starts as a slowly morphing hypno-riff dirge before stopping dead to be reborn as a clanging, screeching cacophony. Side B is even more primitive, a neanderthal thump'n'shred through Rhys Chatham's ode to E minor, 'Guitar Trio', building from a one-note twang to an uninhibited clatter'n'scrape clamour full of gnarly feedback and creeping overtones.

It's a thoroughly enjoyable recording, mixing a reverence for the liberating spirit of the original pieces with a chaotic, freewheeling vigour and a love of dirty, broken noise that's well suited to the cassette format. Both tracks go on for ages, too, as you'd expect.