"Schizo Tech"


Bookended by two 20-minute barrages of bellowing noise, Schizo-Tech foregoes all convention and challenges your anxiety levels. Many art-punk bands have dabbled in noise as an intro or outro to their pop construct, which gives Schizo-Tech the feeling that at any moment the caterwaul will cease or melt into a hypnotic bassline or a frontman will interrupt with a lion's roar and battle cry. Black Kaspar burrow into the chaos without fear or concern of alienation. This is a cassette that takes no short cuts, but trudges on in search of the most intense skronk fuggery that can be conjured in meditative disrupt. There's a sense that the enlightened OM is not reserved for the tranquil meditation, but can be achieved by making a gigantic mess so overwhelming it achieves the comfort of a home.