"Escape from Uranus"


Being relatively new to the Leeds music scene it was a great pleasure to come across these fellas, with the young bands of today swamping the market with dubstep, psych-rock or general indie rubbish. Los Pecadores bring a much needed splash of energy and general punk attitude to the live scene in Leeds, now we finally get to hear these masked men on record and what a glorious racket they make too. ÔEscape From UranusÕ is surfed up punk rock from outer space, 9 tracks of instrumental B-movie madness. Surf punk has come and gone in many different guises over the years, especially with the film 'Pulp Fiction' bringing Dick Dale to the masses and bands like Man Or Astro Man and Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet getting the occasional TV and radio airplay.

Technically this album is flawless, with no vocals in the mix the instrumentation has to be the focal point and it certainly sounds like theyÕve practiced their craft with extreme precision, the guitars are tight, the drums on point and the bass rumbles like a monster truck. The punk thing never goes too over the top either, you can actually dance your ass off to it and still retain some drunken credibility. IÕm taken straight back to my teens when all I lived for was skateboarding and Dead Kennedys - thatÕs what this album does, it makes you feel young again, full of energy but still tuneful, with their guitars set to stun and rayguns at the ready. Los Pecadores are coming for you, resistance is futile!