"Deep Shit" 12" LP

The Basement

Following the unpyrrhic victory of their debut full-length "Stale Champagne," Louisville, KY's State Champion emerge from the creepily-lit basement with another rod's-worth of country- colored rock 'n' roll garage-folk fuzz for your weary head and hurting heart.

"Deep Shit" is plugged-in and charged with the energy and urgency of its ancestors, from Dead Moon to "Live Rust". Davis croons and yelps with the half-drunk delicacy of a man alone in his palace.

These seven songs are belted out with the fury of the trashy old kings of the holler, scarred with the scabs that came from falling down in the gutter with the 90s street soundz, the way rock perverted country, the way that hurricane weather combines the inevitable with the non-sequitur.

The dinosaurs of State Champion's age are dead, their meats hanging from the streetlamps like kudzu, telephone wires, rolls of film etc; all of those other things they can't use anymore.

Now available from Sophomore Lounge on 12" black vinyl.