"Clawless Paw" b/w "What I Can Get"
SL-047 7"

"Clawless Paw"

Recorded in one night over the course of six hours and a few too many drinks, the two songs on the 7" at hand are the latest from Last Year's Men, marking the band's first official release since their full-length debut 12", Sunny Down Snuff (Churchkey Records, 2010).

When I first met key songwriter and guitarist/vocalist Ben Carr through our mutual friend (and producer of their last record) Dan McGee, a couple years ago in their shared stomping grounds of Chapel Hill, NC, the skin-and-bones, baby-faced frontman wasn't old enough to be allowed into the bar. To be honest, I'm not sure he's even old enough as of today, but the kid can write songs beyond his years, and if the acned, nervous, no-bullshit garage-pop punk of Clawless Paw isn't glaring proof of potential, I'll grab the gas, skate to the sock-hop, and burn the gym down myself.

Produced/engineered by Wesley Wolfe (the man behind the making of Spider Bags' Papa Was A Shithead 7", released last year on Sophomore Lounge) after-hours at local rock'n'roll club The Nightlight, this single is a bridge between full-lengths, with a version of the b-side What I Can Get slated to appear later this year on a follow-up LP recently recorded by Greg Gartwright (of The Reigning Sound/Oblivians).

Clawless Paw is a limited first-edition of 300 copies with artwork by comic book artist Darin Shuler.