"Bad History Month"
SL-051 12"

"bad history month"

Available from Sophomore Lounge and Exploding in Sound.

Another heady conceptual brew from everyone's favorite nonalcoholic joke band that takes itself way too seriously. In case you didn't notice, the last one was a comedy album. This one is a tragedy. Bad History not only means more songs about your Horrible Family, but it also refers a feeling of ridiculously overblown and pathetic self hatred, as in the case of that famous cowboy who, after falling off his horse, couldn't help feeling that in a previous life, he had been the first human to kill and eat a Neanderthal, an act which singled him out as the real life root cause of Original Sin, which has been borne throughout the ages by all of humanity ever since.

Aside from that, there are songs about the present, lonely, hi-jinx free Future of the modern world, the true nature of Hell, the comfort of a living room couch overwhelming the appeal of a life in the great outdoors, baldness as a metaphor for something or other, love and death through the wide open eyes of a crushed runaway cat, the deadly blackhole of passing time, indecisiveness about identity, narcissistic sadness over an early sunset, and a cannibal mind taking self depredation to it's logical conclusion. What's it all about? Who knows, but rest assured, it's intended as a deadly serious collection of deep ideas, a classic work of Art, deserving of thoughtful analysis for years to come.

Limited first-edition of 500 copies on black.