"American Pop"

"Sci-Fidelity" from American Pop

"You Schmooze, You Lose" from American Pop


"We've kind of reached a point where we realize we just don't fit in with the style of music we play. When we play hardcore shows, we alienate the attendees by not alternately wearing girl jeans or basketball shorts (depending on the miniscule differences in the actual music, which pointlessly creates swaths of different followers, the latter rather militant). Kaplan and I like to say, "We're too freaky for the hardcore kids, too hardcore for the freaky kids."
But really, whatever. We're kind of like, "fuck that."
Here's an opportunity to listen to American Pop, our newest record. It's the result of four distinctly different people writing music in an overpriced, shitty practice space.
American Pop is about the breakdown. It's about bringing it when no one gives a shit. We've paid or dues, now just listen to it. You're already here. Oh, and by the way? The louder it gets, the better."

-Bryan, Slow Horse.