"Alienation" CS



Footings is the new vehicle for the songs of Eric Gagne, who formerly recorded and performed under the name Passerine, as well as part of both Redwing Blackbird and Death to Tyrants. Now joined by drummer Dustin Ashley Cote (Bunny's a Swine), and Elisabeth Fuchsia on viola, Gagne's songs have realized a presentation that allows for more gravity and depth. The group is based out of Peterborough, NH and Northampton, MA.

"Eric's recordings with Redwing Blackbird were as sweet as anything the New England cabin-core scene has produced, and this stuff has a similar vibe...Earnest as hell, but really well done and full of interesting textures inside of a confined palette. Like being snowed in. Again." Byron Coley (The Wire)

"Alienation" is available 2/19/16 on Sexual Decade / Sophomore Lounge.