"2" CS



If the first New Mother Nature record was a collection of songs written in the seclusion of a culturally monotonous southern Indiana countryside, then built upon by the group and recorded, this second collection reflects the group's mingling with the electricity suspended in the atmosphere. There is still the underlying theme of social and environmental despondence, but in this new version, all four members of the group have drawn on the yoke simultaneously.

New Mother Nature began in early 2011, when Axel Cooper, under the pressure of impending fatherhood, wanted to record a few songs before they would be put on hold for more pressing attentions. Knowing NealŐs drumming from one of the many incarnations of Sapat, and having played with Kevin Molloy in Natural Geographic for a few years, and the same with Corey Smith for years in Phantom Family Halo, they were all no-brainers for to build the songs into something recordable. After what was supposed to be a one-off recording session proved to have some legs, shows were booked, then more songs were written and now there's another record.

The members of this group would more likely say that they are engaging a part of their brains that, if left dormant, would fester and discolor their personal lives. That at this point, making music is as necessary as eating and breathing, and making records is just part of that creative process. What could be called Ňnot letting go of the dreamÓ for a bunch of thirty somethings in the flyover states.